To us, the Befehlhof is not just an estate or just a winery for agricultural production – it is our home. A habitat where the family can live out their creativity. Every member in their own way. We leave ourselves free rein; we decide which direction to take – however, in the end, Nature indicates to us the actual path every day.

It might sound funny – but in the end, it makes perfect sense. We can have an idea of how our wine ought to taste; at last, it is Nature to decide its taste. You cannot force the vine into being something it is not. Our goal must be to understand it and accompany it. We produce wines with an origin. Featured by the mountains. Marked by our signature.


At our winery, we only cultivate varieties that we consider typical for the Vinschgau. Pinot blanc, Riesling, Pinot noir, Zweigelt and, at last, Fraueler, an ancient, autochthone variety we are particularly proud of. All these varieties allow us to mirror the alpine climate and the high altitudes.


Nature changes, and so shall we. We try to keep growing and not stand still. Be it the cultivation or the processing of the grapes. Experimenting is paramount. Of course, mistakes happen, and, of course, we know that not all experiments were brilliant – but who cares? That is the only way to learn new things; and the only way to involve those in our daily routine, which worked out well.