We, the Schusters, are the people behind the winery. It is a long way to go to find your signature and apply it to the winery so everybody can perceive it. We enjoy the possibility of doing so day by day. Nevertheless, we sometimes ask ourselves why we have got this chance. Of course, we inherited it; however, we believe it runs through our veins. Viticulture is the perfect mix of science, Nature, and creativity – just like we are.


Creating is what drives us. In the past, Oswald's, the father's, motivation was to develop a lucrative estate that fills with joy. Today, Magdalena aims to rediscover Nature daily and complement it through experiments. In viticulture, but also in vinification.


As is customary in South Tyrol, our farm has always been passed on. Tradition is essential, and we gladly adopt our ancestors' techniques. But only those that suit us. We do not just blindly adopt work processes – we are eager to question the old, to learn the new, and to try the unknown.


Our favourite moment? Our motivation? Imagine you may be in Nature the whole day through. You may occupy yourself with plants and their environment. You will try to understand what Nature gives us and how we can sustain that. Then, you will go home. You will get comfortable on your terrace. You will see your vineyards and be proud of what you have achieved today. You will just enjoy the sunset. Every day again. Beautiful, isn't it?