The Befehlhof is where creativity meets Nature. Winery & Distillery. Family & Friends. Freedom & Curiosity. In the Vinschgau, in our little town Vezzano, the Befehlhof is what we call our home. Not only because our vineyards grow here but because it gives us a sense of home.


We are the Schusters. Oswald, the father; Thea, the mother; and Magdalena, the daughter. Magdalena has been running the estate and living out her creativity in Nature, together with her family, since 2009. "Curiosity makes us progress and try out new things."


Our business consists of the winery, the orcharding for our distillery, and a chestnut grove. In 1981, Oswald, the father, decided to establish his own winery after 10 years of experimenting – even if he was not taken seriously by others, he did it with a happy attitude. Of course, he wanted to benefit economically from the estate. In the first place, though, he tried to satisfy his curiosity. He aimed to create a place of joy and fun. We are thankful for that decision as the Befehlhof still today stands for freedom, curiosity, and creativity.


The Vinschgau Valley is a valley in the Alps with an east-west orientation, where the vineyards lie on the sunny south-facing slopes.

It offers the perfect conditions for organic viticulture. Low precipitation and the Vinschger Wind, a characteristic area wind, allow us to apply a minimum of plant protection. In addition, thanks to the high altitude (720 m.a.s.l.) providing us with chilly nights during the ripening period, we can produce crisp, acidic mountain wines.

We have many tales to tell. Maybe over a glass of wine – but until then, you may click through our website and discover more about us. :)